We Are Eupolis.

About us

What is better than smart?

Multiple Intelligence Spaces & Systems (MIQS)

The best time and place for innovation is now and here. And the best innovation is the one that changes us for the best. If we want to change our world in an instant, change our world view. Time and place have never been better for radical innovations. Time and place are for a breakthrough. Be bold. Try out MIQS.

Omen est Nomen

About us


In Ancient Greek language, eu means good, prosperous, polis -place, community. Our vision is the world of the best places, experiences, products, systems, ventures, and communities.


We have an insatiable passion to co-create the best living, working and resting places, development and innovation projects, products, and services. We feel best when the best blooms around us.


We are an open global innovation supercluster and a collaborative platform involving humanists, visionaries, development experts, leaders, creatives, investors, ecologists and change makers.

MIQS in Action

How we work


Wise Agile

We blend modern agile and wise integrated approaches, using the MIQS toolbox. We start with a strategic stakeholder storytelling and road-mapping for MIQS development hacking.



We turn visions, needs, and SWOTs into win-win thrill-n-thrive business models and idea pipelines. We crowdsource and co-create value chains through innovation eco-systems.



We turn ideas into progressive green, social, digital, and business innovations. We go beyond sustainability to co-create shared wealth-based regenerative developments.

Values for a “Big Bang”

Our Story

We are a human, social, economic, and ecologic mission-driven platform of for-profit and not-for profit development initiatives working for the same bold vision of a wiser people, organizations, economies and communities.


Our founders’ dream begins in 1990s. This dream initiated a set of innovative mission-driven and human values inspired sustainable development initiatives, events, organizations, programs and content for kids, youth, companies and leaders.


After scaling up these efforts into a Eupolis Group Ltd. and Healthy City in 2000, the first Eupolis urban integrated development was crowdfunded and completed. Since then, dozens of agile integrated developments of all sizes have been funded & realized.


We are a small but bold and growing eco-system of people, SMEs, CSOs, clusters and communities. We co-create and launch agile plans, projects, and programs in eco-social, business, digital and regenerative innovation investments.


Our vision is even bolder. We develop radically innovative digital collaboration MIQS platforms, co-design pilot MIQS cities, islands, and villages. We prepare a global innovation super-cluster Big B&G (read Big Bang, think Blue & Green).